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Development of the site/land opposite Tesco’s

Most residents will have noticed by now that construction work is taking place on the above piece of land.

This is part of a planning application for the construction of both housing and facilities including a pub, a drive through and McDonalds eatery, a Costa coffee facility etc. and has been subjected to protracted negotiations taking the best part four years to bring to this stage by Haydons/Seamans ( a local company )

During this period different commercial organisations have expressed interest in the site, but for whatever reasons have withdrawn. At the time of a public presentation ( most of us would have forgotten it by now) given some time ago in the community centre, the majority view expressed was that the proposed facilities were needed for the benefit of Cedars Park residents.

Breheny’s, have been appointed to carry out construction of the leisure uses roads and civils package for housing, and commenced work on Monday the 7th of January. Estimated time to complete this, approx 12 – 14 weeks.

We are lead to believe that both Costa and McDonalds are ready to push on ; Marstons ,the pub group are gearing up for their part of the project.

During the protracted period of negotiation Haydon’s have regularly communicated with us in an open manner. This gave us the opportunity to express any views we held and put across what we considered appropriate. Unfortunately each time something looked certain, another delay or spanner was put in the works. This is the first time that we have been able to pass on anything with a degree of certainty. Should we hear of any updates we will let you know.

They have also informed us that if we have any specific issues to contact their managing director direct.

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Further info:

Further info:It is anticipated that work on Costa and McDonalds will start in May.


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