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BSEVC is a registered Charity No 1004198 – Co No 2636217


We provide transport for those cannot easily access public transport.

We will take you to hospitals, clinics, social clubs, day centres, shopping, to visit relatives and friends or to train stations and public bus stops.

Accesible Vehicles

Our fully accessible vehicles can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance and are available Monday to Saturday.


1 - 5 miles £2.40

6 - 9 miles £3.30

10 -14 miles £4.20

15 - 20 miles £5.50

Under 5





Child 5-16





Under 18





Volunteer Car Service

We also have a team of volunteer drivers who use their own cars to transport people from “a” to “b”. Fares for this community car service are 54p per mile (inc VAT) and there is a booking fee of £1.20 (inc VAT) for each single journey. Passengers can book as far ahead as they wish. Passengers are invoiced monthly.

To keep these valuable services running we rely on volunteer drivers and would love to hear from you if you have a few hours spare a week to help.

To keep these valuable services running we rely on volunteer drivers and would love to hear from you if you have a few hours spare a week to help.


We are based at Red Gables, Ipswich Road, Stowmarket, IP14 1BE


Background – In 2016 BSEVC were awarded the new Connecting Communities contracts in Mid Suffolk and Ipswich. BSEVC transport operations for both areas are run from Red Gables in Stowmarket with our registered office being in Bury St Edmunds.

Overview of Services – Mid Suffolk Ipswich and Kesgrave Connecting Communities - We have 4 fully accessible vehicles (which can take wheelchairs). Two vehicles operate in the South of the Mid Suffolk area and one in the North, the fourth vehicle runs central Ipswich and Kesgrave. The service is for those who are rurally isolated without access to a vehicle, those who cannot access public transport because of mobility difficulties or where there is little or no public transport available. Journeys can booked up to 2 weeks in advance, Clinics, hospital appointments and regular day centre visits may be booked further ahead, or on a regular basis. These vehicles operate Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm and bookings are restricted to 5 bookings per passenger per 14 day period to ensure fair access.

How do I pay for my journeys on this service? - Please pay the driver on the day with cash or your travel vouchers. We do not accept concessionary bus passes.

MID SUFFOLK AND IPSWICH AND KESGRAVE COMMUNITY CAR SCHEME - We also have a small team of volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to take people from “a” to “b” known as the Community Car service. Passengers can book as far ahead as they wish and there are no restrictions on the number of bookings. Most of our drivers live in and around Stowmarket, Debenham, Ipswich and Kesgrave.

Fare structure for Community Car and accessible car journeys - Fares for the use of the community car service are 54p per mile (45p per mile + 9p VAT) and there is a booking fee of £1.20 (£1 + 20p VAT) for each single journey. Passengers are invoiced monthly.

Please note that our charges may differ each time for the same journey. This is because we charge from the volunteer driver’s home (or from their previous dropping point) to you to your drop off point and return to their home or next pick up. We always try to use the closest available driver to keep the fare down but this is not always possible.

Where passengers can share a community car journey the total cost is divided fairly between them thus making the journey cheaper for those sharing the trip

How do I pay for my journeys for the Community Car Service? - An invoice will be sent to you during the first two weeks of the month following the month in which you took your trip. This invoice can be paid by cheque, cash or by bank transfer.

Who can use these services? - Anyone in the community who is unable to use regular public transport, where no such transport exists or it is infrequent. It is for individuals, couples, families and community groups.

What type of journeys do we cover? - Health appointments, visiting relatives and friends, shopping, connection to onward travel by bus, coach or train and transport to and from day centres and social events. However we also provide transport to take people to weddings, funerals, days out and various other local and regional events. Please note that what you are charged may differ each time because we charge from the driver’s home or from their previous dropping off point.

Minibus use for groups - We have two 15 seat minibuses that are available for community use, the hiring details are available from us or from our website.

How to Book a journey on our services? - Please call 01449 614271, email bookings@bsevc.co.uk or by text to 07493 866652. Note that all options are available Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Our team will identify the best transport option with you and the availability.

Emergency Line - If you need to cancel a journey for the same day or the next day or you need to contact us outside of office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) then please call 07873 668430.


Like Driving?

Can you spare a couple of hours a week? Want to help those unable to access public transport in your community? We go to hospitals, clinics, shopping, social clubs, day centres, train stations etc

Then we have the answer!

Join our friendly teams in Mid Suffolk Drive your own vehicle or one of ours, or both!

For more information please contact Francesca on 01449 614271 or email bookings@bsevc.co.uk

Latest News

Gateway 14

You may have heard of this project but do you actually understand what it proposes and the implications?

Mid Suffolk District Council own Gateway 14. They are proposing to develop a huge parcel of land between the Muntons site and the A14. You may have seen articles about it but as always, the devil is in the detail. Look behind the headlines and consider how it might impact on your daily lives – because it will to a greater or lesser extent.

The land was purchased by MSDC at a cost of over £20 million. There is an obvious desire to make this a commercial success and open space doesn’t bring in revenue. MSDC are in the position of granting planning permission for their own project. Like it or not, they can legally do this.

Be careful not to be drawn into what is being promised via flowery statements and clever CGI ‘illustrative’ material.

Have a look at planning.baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk Search for application DC/21/00407. There you will find a library of documentation to support the application. Locate and digest the Final Transport Assessment completed by Richard Jackson Engineering Consultants. It is not realistic. Note that it describes how everything ‘could be’ – not as it will be. As an example, the notion that a pedestrian crossing would be viable on the A1120 suggests to me that this has been written remotely, with little or no local research, falling back on a directory of stock statements to support the cause.

Have a look at the g14yoursay.co.uk website. Note the size of the proposed development. Do not confuse it with the land that lies along Gun Cotton Way. All traffic for the new site will enter / leave via the roundabout by Tesco. Is it not busy already?

Have a read of the different sections. You will notice how information in one section is contradicted by another. Snippets have been taken from the above traffic report and put onto this site as one-line positives.

Consider the following:

The suggestion that 3000 full time and 1500 indirect jobs will be created is pure speculation. If companies are motivated to move their HQ or Research & Development units here, their staff would come too. But what evidence is there to suggest this is even likely? Logistic hubs bring increased traffic volumes, etc.

It mentions ‘incentives’ will be in place to encourage the use of public transport. What that actually means is there will be insufficient parking on site. It speaks of local bus stops in Gun Cotton Way and that the railway station is within cycling distance. When did you last see a bus on Gun Cotton Way? How many cycles can be carried on any one train? If people are travelling to work there by train, it does drive a hole through the argument of creating local employment opportunities.

What will the outcome be? For a real-life example, look at the housing estate next to Suffolk One College in Ipswich – students filling the surrounding roads during term time. Residents predicted such problems in the planning stages. Search for stories about this on the Ipswich Star website. Look at the photographs of students parking wherever they can. Residents were assured that people would car share and use public transport. They don’t. The problem is there and it’s there forever.

Elsewhere, they speak of overall traffic volumes remaining the same as people will be driving to work here rather than where they worked before. So, is this project creating jobs or relocating them? This glosses over the amount of extra traffic logistic businesses will bring. Think of queues of Amazon vans, each waiting for their slot to collect parcels. Where do you think they will park?

Only 114 people responded to the consultation exercise last year. Most of the points raised would appear to have been ignored. On the website I mentioned, the ‘You said / We did’ section relates to only six or so issues (none of the above feature in that).

The window is open for public feedback. You can send it via the planning.baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk page. The closing date is 17th February. This is the time to make your opinion known. It will be too late once building starts.

Cedars Park Resident


Gateway 14

The planning application for the above very large industrial/commercial development the other side of the A1120 known as Gateway 14 is coming up in the near future.

This development runs from the A14 exit at Junction 50 down to Muntons and across the field to Clamp Farm

There is the opportunity to comment on it up to the 17thh of February. .See below.

Should you wish to do this go to MSDC planning site , click on to planning applications and comment

Enter in the box the above planning application number, click on search, and read on.

Now extended until the 28th of February


Cedars Park Resident Association. Committee Members Needed

Due to members of the committee moving home we need to find replacements

Any Cedars Park adult resident can volunteer .

This is not an onerous job we meet three or four times per year or as when a situation demands.

You may find you can make a valuable contribution toward solving some of the problems that occur on the estate, we have had successes in this over many years.

We have a clear constitution with stated aims. A copy of this can be viewed on the Cedars Park website.

If you feel you would like to help then please come forward .

You can make contact either via our website , facebook or

Kevin Stobbs: 07532207161

Dick Downs : 07941163582


Car-related anti-social behaviour

Continuing efforts to combat car-related anti-social behaviour, Tesco will soon be placing barriers around their upper car park at 6.30 pm each evening.

The Store Manager also advised that Suffolk Police have handed out around five ‘Section 59’ notices to nuisance drivers during the last month.

Further offences will then result in either fines or vehicle confiscation.


Gateway 14

This large complex is to be built alongside the A1120 , opposite Tesco’s. If you would like information on this project go to. Info@g14yoursay.co.uk or www.yoursay.co.uk This is important to residents of Cedars Park as it may take ten to, fifteen years to complete.


Tesco article + Accident Response


Cash Rec June 2019


Annual General Meeting - 2019


Development of the site/land opposite Tesco’s

Most residents will have noticed by now that construction work is taking place on the above piece of land.

This is part of a planning application for the construction of both housing and facilities including a pub, a drive through and McDonalds eatery, a Costa coffee facility etc. and has been subjected to protracted negotiations taking the best part four years to bring to this stage by Haydons/Seamans ( a local company )

During this period different commercial organisations have expressed interest in the site, but for whatever reasons have withdrawn. At the time of a public presentation ( most of us would have forgotten it by now) given some time ago in the community centre, the majority view expressed was that the proposed facilities were needed for the benefit of Cedars Park residents.

Breheny’s, have been appointed to carry out construction of the leisure uses roads and civils package for housing, and commenced work on Monday the 7th of January. Estimated time to complete this, approx 12 – 14 weeks.

We are lead to believe that both Costa and McDonalds are ready to push on ; Marstons ,the pub group are gearing up for their part of the project.

During the protracted period of negotiation Haydon’s have regularly communicated with us in an open manner. This gave us the opportunity to express any views we held and put across what we considered appropriate. Unfortunately each time something looked certain, another delay or spanner was put in the works. This is the first time that we have been able to pass on anything with a degree of certainty. Should we hear of any updates we will let you know.

They have also informed us that if we have any specific issues to contact their managing director direct.

Marstons the Brewers have decided to sell their part of the site. At this stage further use or development is unclear.

Jan 2020


Further info:

Further info:It is anticipated that work on Costa and McDonalds will start in May

We are currently arranging a meeting with Planning Officers from Mid Suffolk District Council to state our concerns about the safety of the exit from this site onto Gun Cotton Way.

The present planned exit allows vehicles leaving the site to be able to turn right across two lanes of increasingly busy traffic when making way up to the main roundabout on the 1120.

Our fears are that in process of making such a manoeuvre the possibility of a road traffic accident is increased.n bn b

We are suggesting a simple and inexpensive solution to reduce such possibilities; that is to erect a NO RIGH TURN or LEFT TURN ONLY at the exit .

Traffic then could go down to the small roundabout at the Tesco entrance and follow round on to a safer side of Gun Cotton Way.

We will publish an update after the meeting.

Mid Suffolk District Council. Planning Department

Endeavour House. 8 Russell Road. Ipswich. IP1 2BX

FTAO : Phillip Isbell. Acting Chief Planning Officer

From: The Cedars Park Residents Association. Stowmarket

Ref: The exit from the Haydons development site (incorporating Mac Donalds, Costa coffee

etc) on to Guncotton Way Stowmarket. Two maps enclosed.

20th .March.2019

I am writing to you to express serious safety concerns voiced by residents and our committee with regard to vehicles using this exit.


Gun Cotton Way is the key Eastern arterial road connecting the Cedars Park estate to the A1120 and the A14. It is also the main route offering customer vehicular access to the Tesco super store. The road has got busier in recent years as the estate has spread westward along its length. With commercial development now commencing along the Southern boundary, Gun Cotton Way is set to get busier still. In this context we have particular concerns relating to the management of high volumes of customer traffic that will eventually engage with the new Haydon’s development of fast food outlets on to the short stretch of road between the A1120 and the Tesco roundabout.

Our concerns/comments are as follows:

1) When exiting the site there is no restriction to making a right turn. This entails vehicles having to immediately cross two lanes of increasingly busy day and evening traffic. In our considered view this will inevitably lead to a likelihood of RTA’s

2) There is only a short distance from the previous roundabout (to the right)- with a restricted view from the site exit.

3) The impact of the increased density of traffic using this stretch of road ( see background above)has increased considerably over the last few years, brought about by the significant amount of house building on Cedars Park Estate, increases in HGV traffic to Tomo Commercial site and increased general vehicular traffic using Guncotton Way to the bridge over the railway .

4) Vehicles travelling eastbound from the roundabout into Tesco’s having to turn right across a lane of traffic in order to enter the site.

5) Vehicles will be travelling along Gun Cotton Way westbound from the roundabout on the 1120 to the right of the exit, a short distance away , whilst at the same time vehicles exiting the site turning right having to cross two lanes of traffic.-- A far from satisfactory situation.

Page 1 of 2

6) I am sure all the traffic elements of this development have been studied and signed off by SCH; but, how long has it been since a traffic assessment was made reflecting the true present day volumes using Gun Cotton Way, and , for that matter, their general impact on both on and from adjoining main roads. We already queue up at times of the day to exit Kestrel Drive on to the 1120. L

In the light of the above we would like you to seriously consider the following actions to help alleviate risks identified above. .

1) Before the site is open to the general public, put in place a NO RIGHT TURN or a TURN LEFT ONLY signage at the point of exit from the site onto Gun Cotton Way. The traffic then turns left to the roundabout at the entry to Tesco’s and follow round onto the correct side of the road without crossing two traffic lanes. We understand this may appear to yourselves a ‘laymans’ solution, but at very little cost providing at least a partial solution by addressing points 1 and 5. It does however leave points 2 and 4 needing further thought.

2) Take the opportunity to consider the merits of a traffic impact assessment in order to update the broader impact on the area due to the increasing vehicular volumes using Gun Cotton Way as commercial use of the estate develops, with a view to install mitigations as appropriate.

Finally, we must stress that we have no objections to the general pattern of development that is underway. New services will generally be welcomed by local residents. However, we have to consider the consequences of providing facilities that will attract substantial new numbers of visitors, both from the outside of Cedars Park, as well as within it. But, as stressed previously we are very concerned that the present plan does not inspire our confidence in a safe exit.

We request that you acknowledge this letter and keep on file.

Kevin Stobbs . Chair Cedars Park Residents Association

16 Dotteral Way. Stowmarket. IP14 5UL

Can also reply to: kevinstobbs@hotmail.co.uk or sylvia.downs@btinternet.com

p.s We originally were going to send this to Suffolk County Highways, but on contacting them

were told it has to go to MSDC as the authority that approved the application

The traffic survey we requested in our letter of 20th March last year and at a meeting with SCC Highways in August last year has finally been approved to go a head.

Jan 2020


Annual General Meeting - 2017


Change of Chairman

See Contact Us Page


Waste Bin Collection

Missed Bin Collections. If you are having any problems with this service or need other information about it: You can call Mid Suffolk Collection Service on: 01449 778678 or 0845 6066045