Cedars Park

Residents Association



The name of the group shall be the CEDARS PARK RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION


2a.  To provide a forum for discussing the concerns and interests of residents of the Cedars Park estate in Stowmarket.

2b.  To promote and represent the concerns and interests of residents to relevant individuals and official bodies.

2c.  To promote the social development of Cedars Park


3a.  The Association shall form a Management Committee through which the stated aims shall be administered.  The Management Committee may, in turn, create sub-committees in order to pursue the stated aims.

3b.  Members of the Association may raise concerns, or interests, either at general meetings, or through a member of the Management Committee.  Any member wishing to initiate independent action on an issue of common concern should discuss the matter with a member of the Management Committee prior to acting.

3c.  The Management Committee will liaise with relevant individuals and official bodies in any manner it deems appropriate. 

3d.  The Management Committee will also communicate with members in any manner it deemsappropriate, subject to there being an Annual General Meeting, and at least one ordinary general meeting, in any 12 month period.

3e.  The Management Committee shall be empowered to change the legal status of the Association in order to pursue the stated aims.  Any change which creates potential liabilities for members must be approved by them, in advance, at a general meeting.


4a.  Membership of the Association shall be open to any Cedars Park resident who wishes to join, provided they are willing to accept the aims and rules of the Association.

4b.  For the present, any resident both attending, and registering at, general meetings will be deemed to have joined.  In future, the Management Committee may seek members approval to levy a membership subscription,  and / or apply such terms or conditions as members deem appropriate for preserving the Association’s viability, integrity and administrative efficiency.

4c.  The Management Committee shall be empowered to withdraw membership from any individual whose conduct is judged to be seriously prejudicial to the aims of the Association.Notification of withdrawal may, initially, be oral.  However, this must be followed, within 2 weeks, by a written confirmation, containing both an explanation and the offer of a personal appeal to the next general meeting.  If an individual’s behaviour has been abusive, threatening or appears likely to encourage serious public disorder, the Committee may explicitly withhold the right to personal attendance, and substitute the offer of a written submission by proxy.


5a The Association shall be administered by a Management Committee of not less than 3, and no more than 11, members normally elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

5b.  The Honorary Officers of the Committee shall be:  The Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and up to 8 other Committee Members.

5c.  Due to financial responsibilities described in Section 8 below, the Chairperson, the Treasurer, and the Secretary must all be over 18 years of age on appointment.

5d.  Any resident may stand for election to the Management Committee.  Any candidate who is not already an Honorary Officer must submit a signed written notice of their intention to the Secretary, or Chairperson, by the end of February.  Any such notice must be seconded and signed by at least one other resident, and will contain the full names and addresses of all signatories. Candidates will have the right to address the AGM personally, with any encumbent having a right of reply.

5e.  If an unchallenged, encumbent Management Committee does not receive the clear approval of a majority of members present at the AGM, the Chairperson must open the floor to new volunteers.  Voting will then be re-staged as appropriate, with unchallenged Officers elected by default.

5f.  The Management Committee itself may, at any time, appoint new officers up to the specified maximum, subject to confirmation at the next general meeting of the Association: If confirmation is not given by a clear majority of members present, the Chairperson shall follow the procedure laid down in Section 5e.

5g. The Management Committee shall meet at least once every 3 months.

5h. The quorum for the Management Committee shall be 3 officers.

5i. The Chairperson shall chair all Management Committee meetings, or general meetings of the Association. If the Chairperson cannot be present, then a quorum of officers present, or planning to attend, shall nominate an acting-Chairperson.

5j. Any officer subject to medical incapacity may be retired by the Management Committee if there is no prospect of a return to duties within a reasonable time-frame.

5k. Any officer failing to attend more than 3 consecutive Management Committee meetings without reasonable explanation, or contact, may be deemed to have resigned.

5l. The Management Committee may, at any time, create sub-committees in accordance with section 3A.  Sub-committees shall have only such powers as the Management Committee chooses to delegate.  Sub-committees shall report to the Management Committee in any manner the latter deems appropriate.  Members of the Association, or representatives of other interested parties, may be co-opted for sub-committee service as appropriate.  Membership of a sub-committee shall confer only such duties and responsibilies as are agreed by the Management Committee to be appropriate to the task in hand:  Ultimate accountability shall reside with the Management Committee.


6a.  The Chairperson will be responsible for chairing meetings.  The Secretary will keep and publish minutes.  The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the accounts and making and receiving any payments on behalf of the Association.  Committee Members will be responsible for such duties as are agreed at the time of appointment.  Other duties may be attached to any post at any time, subject to agreement between the post-holder and other officers.

6b.  An officer may resign, at any time, by submitting a written notification to either the Secretary or the Chairperson.


7a.  Only members of the Association shall be entitled to vote at general meetings.

7b.  Only Honorary Officers shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Management Committee.

7c.  At all meetings, voting will be by show of hands, unless the Chairperson decides that alternative arrangements are appropriate.

7d.  All decisions shall require a simple majority, except resolutions on DISSOLUTION, CONSTITUTIONAL ADOPTION OR AMENDMENTS, or MEMBERSHIP WITHDRAWAL, where a three-quarters majority shall be required.

7e.  In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson shall have a second vote.


8a.  The Association may raise money by soliciting donations, grants, subscriptions, sponsorship, advertising or undertaking fund-raising events.  Any such schemes must be given prior approval by the Management Committee.  Any request for subscriptions must also be approved by members at a general meeting.

8b.  Funds raised cannot be refunded under any circumstances, except as provided for within a contract for advertising or sponsorship, or as may be deemed appropriate within the context of Section 10 below.

8c.  The Management Committee may subsidise community-wide social events, subject to the event organisers proving able to maintain appropriate financial controls.

8d.  Members may not, under any circumstances, borrow money on the Association’s behalf.

8e.  Members may not undertake any expenditure on behalf of the Association without the Treasurer’s consent.

8f.  Any money obtained by the Association will be used only for the benefit of the Association.

8g.  Any bank accounts opened for the Association shall be in its own name. 

8h.  Any cheques issued, or other payments authorised, shall be signed by any two of the following:  The Treasurer, the Chairperson, the Secretary.

8i.  The Treasurer’s financial records shall be subject to independent audit at least annually. 

8j.   Management Committee officers shall not be paid for their usual, or agreed, duties. They may, however, be remunerated for expenses incurred whilst performing their duties, or for any service supplied to the Association on an occupational basis.


9a.  The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April, or May, of each year.

9b.  All members will be given at least 5 days written notice of the AGM, or any ordinary general meeting, and they shall be entitled to attend and vote.

9c.  The business of the AGM shall include:

  • Receiving a report from the Chairperson on the Association’s activities over the year.
  • Receiving a report from the Treasurer on the finances of the Association.
  • Election of Honorary Officers
  • Considering any other matters as may be decided

9d.   The quorum for the AGM, and any ordinary general meeting, shall be 15 members.


10a.  If the Management Committee decides to DISSOLVE the Association, this will be by resolution at a SPECIAL general meeting held with at least 21days written notice to members.

10b.  The Committee will submit a proposal for dealing with any assets remaining after all outstanding liabilities have been discharged.


11a.  This CONSTITUTION may only be AMENDED by a resolution of the AGM.

11b.  Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Management Committee by the end of February for incorporation into the AGM agenda.


This revised CONSTITUTION was adopted at an Annual General Meeting held on 9th May 2008 at Cedars Park Primary School

R Willison-Gray - Chairperson

I A Hillyer - Secretary